Sure, we can tell you all about the great products and services we offer. But it’s nice to let our satisfied customers share, too.

We would recommend both the company and installer.

G. & F. Earl, Leesburg, 12/21/19

Great job!!!

T. & J. Lauterborn, The Villages, 11/30/19

Awesome job done and very congenial!!!

H. Wilson, The Villages, 11/22/19

Very pleased with installation and sales.

R. & D. Hellem, 11/7/19

Good work.

T. & M. Tsontos, Leesburg, 11/1/19
Very happy with installers and product.
J. & K. McKenna, 6/26/19
Very satisfied.
P. & J. Grazio, The Villages, 6/20/19
Excellent job!
C. Davis, Leesburg, 6/19/19
Jeremy & Stephen did a great job – beautiful installation!
T. & B. Greaney, Leesburg, 5/27/19
Excellent, quick workers.
R. & B. Mercier, Lady Lake, 5/23/19
Great job; great guys; happy.
R. & F. Reschel, The Villages, 5/22/19
Did a good job and timely.
D. Boger, Wildwood, 5/17/19
Excellent service by installers.
D. & N. Steele, Wildwood, 5/15/19
Great job!
V. & C. Viapiano, The Villages, 5/15/19
Installers are very thorough, knowledgeable, and courteous.
J. & N. Jankowski, Leesburg, 4/13/19
Jeremy was courteous, on time, and steady worker. Was pleasant when we had a change. He is an asset to Reedy Flooring.
J. & C. Cope, Leesburg, 3/27/19
Terrific job!
C. Berry, Wildwood, 3/7/19
Guys did a great job!
D. & T. Stapleton, 2/28/19
B. & R. Krauser, The Villages, 2/13/19
They were great!
G. & J. Chateneuf, Leesburg, 2/1/19
Great job! Thank you!
S. Walters, Fruitland Park, 1/24/19
Excellent installation – very courteous team. Would strongly recommend them.
G. Murphy, Leesburg, 1/19/19
We are satisfied with installation. The crew worked very hard to please us.
J. Wolanin, The Villages, 12/18/18
Superb service! Extremely professional!
J. & C. Napolitano, Grand Island, 12/14/18

Bill & Jeremy did a great job. They know what they’re doing. I would recommend them to anyone.

B. & P. Shaw, Leesburg, 11/2/18

Excellent job.

C. Spraw, Leesburg, 10/19/18

Great job.

E. & J. Kittle, The Villages, 10/30/18

The installers were courteous and professional. They are an asset to your organization.

R. & E. Korb, Eustis, 10/15/18

Very good job!

K. & J. Cramer, Leesburg, 10/9/18

Dave and Al were great! Very courteous and professional. They did a great job. Take good care of them!

R. & C. Clayton, Wildwood, 9/7/18

Al & Dave were extremely polite; very efficient and performed excellent quality work. I’d recommend them to anyone.

J. & D. Maher, Oxford, 8/31/18

Great job – very considerate & hard-working team. Thank you!

E. Bayuk, Leesburg, 8/16/18
We were extremely pleased with the workmanship of Alan & Dave. They work well together & it shows in the finished product. We will definitely recommend Reedy Flooring to our friends.
J. & C. Weimer, The Villages, 6/20/18
Very nice job. Men very nice.
J. & P. Muise, Leesburg, 6/15/18
Well satisfied!!
R. Bondi, Leesburg, 6/1/18
Alan and Dave did a superb job. Worked really well together.
M. Coakoey, The Villages, 5/24/18
Curtis did an excellent job for us. He was very professional & friendly. He went above & beyond for us which was very much appreciated!
D. & S. Meyering, Summerfield, 5/17/18
Alan and his helpers were outstanding. They have a wonderful attitude, were extremely knowledgeable with their work, and did a lot of helpful things which will keep the new floors in great condition!
R. & M. Murphy, Leesburg, 5/8/18
Very good work!
R. & C. Kloaster, Leesburg, 5/8/18
Excellent work, they work great together. Very professional. Cared about the finished product. We would highly recommend them to other customers & family. Very friendly also. It was a pleasure watching experts at work.
E. & C. Dauernheim, Leesburg, 4/5/18
Guys were great and did a wonderful job.
W. & J. Downs, Leesburg, 3/22/18
Excellent workmanship – Did an accurate, clean job – Very personable – on time.
K. Beamer, Leesburg, 3/21/18
Very happy. Was wonderful! Great work and great people! You should be very proud to have them.
M. & S. Neenan, Lady Lake, 3/21/18
I wish to thank you for the beautiful carpeting and excellent installation. You are really a great outfit and your employees are great people. I’m thankful I found your flyer at Pennbrooke & I would highly recommend your store. Thank you again. You’re the best!
E. Touhy, Leesburg, 3/16/18
Excellent work in all respects. Crew outstanding, courteous, and helpful.
H. & D. Gillespie, Leesburg, 3/1/18
Greatly appreciated Michelle and Curtis for a great job well done installing our wood floor. Will be looking forward to seeing them again on the second batch finishing the rest of the hallway and bedrooms. Thank you so much. God speed.
J. & E. Imler, Leesburg, 2/27/18
The two installers were very nice and their work was excellent. We were very pleased with their work & Paul at Reedy.
E. & C. McGregor, Leesburg, 2/3/18
Very satisfactory work. Will recommend them to anyone.
L. Watts, Leesburg, 2/1/18
Wonderful job. Great people.
C. Hamilton, Leesburg, 1/28/18
We are very satisfied.
W. & D. Adams, Leesburg, 1/25/18
Very happy & great job.
J. & C. Freiburger, Leesburg, 1/18/18
They were very courteous and fast.
E. & A. Vander’Mallie, The Villages, 1/17/18
These were two of the most courteous and accommodating men I have ever had in my home. I would welcome them anytime and highly recommend them to others.
L. & M. Lavoie, The Villages, 1/9/18
Installers (Alan & David) were outstanding. Allen is like an artist in his laying of flooring.
H. Steinberg, Leesburg, 1/5/18
Great installers. Everything done very professional.
G. & P. Tunison, Lady Lake, 11/15/17
Workers were both very helpful and did a very good job.
J. & P. Franks, Leesburg, 11/2/17
Very quick and efficient.
E. Otto, The Villages, 10/17
Very pleased!
K. Merithew, Wildwood, 10/17
Excellent job!! Would highly recommend.
S. Cowan, Leesburg, 10/17
Excellent workmanship and pleasant disposition.
S. Rosenthal, Leesburg, 9/17
Excellent gentlemen and very professional.
J. & L. Houser, Leesburg, 9/17
We’re completely satisfied with the work ethic and the completed job that both your workers, Alan and Dave, have done for us. We will recommend them highly.
R. & C. Borcich, The Villages, 7/22/17
Very satisfied, efficient, friendly, and very good at what they do. Makes me ready to have more work done with Reedy’s.
R. & S. Smithonic, Leesburg, 8/14/17
Alan & Dave should be called ‘The installers dream team.’ They were everything a person could wish for.
D. & E. Gould, Leesburg, 7/13/17
Great product & great service!!!
K. Beebe, Umatilla, 2/28/17
Great job! Loved their installers!
B. Nicholson, The Villages, 5/5/17
Excellent job & really friendly.
R. & M. Kvochick, Leesburg, 6/14/17
Excellent work!
D. Safford, Leesburg, 5/26/17
Excellent job.
R. Tauriainen, The Villages, 4/21/17
Could not have asked for a more pleasant individual to have done such a fine, outstanding job.
R. & G. Griffin, Leesburg, 3/30/17
Did a very good job. Very good work. Nice job!!
B. Alford, Leesburg, 3/23/17
Very pleased with installers. Will recommend them to others.
S. Burke, Leesburg, 3/21/17
Salesman was wonderful. Very knowledgeable & friendly. Installers were fast & experts. Was a wonderful experience!
B. Retz, Leesburg, 3/14/17
Very professional installers. Very satisfied.
L. Strong, Leesburg, 2/18/17
We couldn’t be happier! Looks great!
S. & R. Connelly, Leesburg, 2/7/17
Curtis was fast, courteous, and made us feel comfortable.
A. Velasquez, Leesburg, 1/17
I couldn’t be more pleased.
M. Byrnes, The Villages, 1/17
At this moment I am very satisfied with the installation. Both Alan and Dave were very professional and did excellent work.
M. Wood, Leesburg, 12/16
They did an excellent job. Very courteous.
T. & D. White, Leesburg, 12/16
Great job!
K.& S. Way, Leesburg, 12/16
Excellent job. Saw to all the details.
P. & J. Connolly, The Villages, 12/16
Both very nice and very experienced.
G. & K. Werter, Leesburg, 11/16
I wanted to let you know what a great experience it was to deal with Reedy again. I couldn’t post a recommendation on Facebook because I’m not a member. I still wanted you to know what a positive experience we had – starting with your salesman, Danny, right through with the installation. Your mechanic was a perfectionist and we were impressed with his skills as well as his pleasant and respectful manner. Thanks so very much. We’d give our complete and unreserved recommendation to your company.
L. Bumb, The Villages, 11/16
Completely satisfied with the two men who did the job. I would recommend them and Reedy Carpets to anyone who needs this type of work done.

E. & F. LeBlanc, Leesburg, 11/16
Efficient, excellent, helpful, friendly workers.

T. & C. Dietrich, Lady Lake, 11/16
The two men that installed our flooring were fantastic. I would recommend them to everyone. They did a great job.

E. & F. LeBlanc, Leesburg, 10/16
Very pleased with the meticulous job they did. Hang onto them.

R. & S. Larsen, Leesburg, 10/16
Thank you for your courtesy, professionalism, and a great job.

H. Quinn, Leesburg, 9/16/16
Couldn’t be happier. Will be glad to recommend.

R. & J. Andretta, Leesburg, 9/6/16
Floor looks great! Installers professional, courteous, and helpful.

C. & N. Shuman, Leesburg, 9/1/16
Alan and Dave did a fantastic job!
G. Hooten, Leesburg, 8/26/16
Wonderful work & installers. I will highly recommend Reedy to my friends.

B. & C. Figi, Leesburg, 8/23/16

B. & J. Laney, The Villages, 8/18/16
Two guys were exceptional workers and did a perfect job. I will remember them & hope to use them again. They need a raise. They are both good workers.

G. & L. Mason, Lady Lake, 8/10/16
Everything went very smoothly. Very nice job.

D. & L. Lambert, Leesburg, 8/1/16
Your men were very professional and did a great job.

C. & S, Adcox, Leesburg, 7/16